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Welcome to Hand-Drawn Avatar Maker on, where your favorite photos are transformed into stunning hand-drawn avatars. Our goal is to provide you with a unique, pixel-perfect representation of yourself that can be used across social media and professional platforms.

Why Choose Hand-Drawn Avatar Maker?

At Hand-Drawn Avatar Maker, we believe every user deserves an avatar that truly reflects their personality. Our hand-drawn avatars are designed with careful attention to detail, ensuring a visually appealing and instantly recognizable profile picture.

The Ordering Process

1. Place Your Order: Visit our website to place your order for a custom hand-drawn avatar. The cost is $50 per avatar.

2. Prepare Your Photo: After completing your order, you'll receive a welcome email. Reply with a forward-facing or side-view photo of yourself, or any subject you want to be transformed into an avatar.

3. Creation and Review: Our artist will create a stylized, hand-drawn avatar based on your photo. You’ll receive a .png preview of the sketch and filled stages in both black and blue versions. You have the option for one round of revisions to ensure your avatar is perfect.

4. Delivery: Once approved, you will receive a digital file (.zip) containing your custom avatar in both SVG and PNG formats. The final avatar is provided in three styles: Outline, Monochrome, and Colored.

What You Receive

  • High-Quality Avatar: A pixel-perfect, hand-drawn avatar that is a stylized yet recognizable representation of you.
  • Multiple Formats: Your avatar will be delivered in both SVG and PNG formats, suitable for any use.
  • Three Unique Styles: Outline, Monochrome, and Colored versions of your avatar.
  • Flexible Use: Perfectly suited for social media, professional profiles, or any other personal use.


  • Grid Size: 90x90px
  • Line Thickness: 1.5px
  • Default Shape: Square (crops perfectly for circles and rounded rectangles)
  • Color Palette: Black and Blue versions

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For team orders or additional inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

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